Pamela Anderson Reveals She Is Still “An Exhibitionist” 25 Years After First Playboy Shoot

rsz_1pamela_andersonPamela Anderson has never been one to shy away from the camera, after all she has appeared naked in several editions of Playboy Magazine and appeared in the hit TV show Baywatch wearing nothing but a tight red swimsuit. Even today some 25 years after she first appeared in Playboy Magazine Pamela is not shy to show off her body as she has posed nude for French Magazine Purple.

Anderson, 46, appears naked in Purple Magazine with a set of artistic photographs taken by photographer Sante D’Orazio. Anderson said, “I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and I like having the pictures taken. But seeing these was really something different, something we did. It’s like a launching pad for what I’ll do now. While looking at the pictures I was thinking to myself, is that really me? I mean you don’t take a bad picture — people always look their best in your pictures. It still was a shock to see how strong I look.”

Anderson is quick to point out her new found confidence is down to her shorter looking hair as she said, “This haircut convinced a lot more people. It has struck a chord. It amazes me, even in love, how it’s changed everything and encouraged real soul connections, the response has been shockingly positive.”

At 46 most models would be looking to cover up their bodies, but not Pamela Anderson, and who can blame her looking the way she does right now.


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