Oskana’s Bodyguards Have Her Back

Mel Gibson, OskanaOskana’s Bodyguards (just happen to be United States military veterans), from the The Bodyguard Group, have come to her defense in regards to her claims of abuse by Mel Gibson.

They released a statement on their website which reads, The Bodyguard Group has reviewed both versions of events and ALL of our members agree that ONLY Oksana is being 100% honest … We ask that everyone support Oksana and take a stand against all men who abuse women and children.””We could not keep silent after the abuse Oksana suffered.”

Wow, I think this really has some weight here considering that they were probably around when at least some of the abuse went down. I wonder if they will be called to testify.

The Bodyguard Group is taking a huge risk here, especially if they have Hollywood clientele who might thumb their nose at such exposures. If these guys have seen something, you’ve got to give it up for their courage and willingness to take a stand.


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