One Direction Will Be Featured In Their Own 3D Film

One Direction Will Be Featured In Their Own 3D FilmNothing can stop how phenomenal One Direction has become. An evidence of this super stardom is an upcoming 3D film, which will follow the band across cities and countries; making even more youngsters scream with excitement.

Morgan Spurlock will reportedly direct the new official One Direction film. The Oscar-nominated director was the genius behind “Super Size Me”, where he investigated the health effects of fast food through eating food from McDonald’s for a whole month.

This new 3D film will be a blend of One Direction’s concert clips and some behind-the-scenes footage. It’s set to be released summer of next year. Spurlock will also be producing the film along with Ben Winston, Adam Milano and X Factor UK creator Simon Cowell.

Cowell thinks Spurlock is perfect for the job. Although this might be quite unusual for Spurlock since he is known for making documentaries about himself.

The band first spoke about the film on NBC’s “Today Show”. This was also the same day the show received its biggest concert history with 15,000 One Direction fans filling up the Rockefeller Plaza. They have sold over 13 million records and have topped both UK and US charts with their first album. They have released their second album this week.

The movie will be released on the 30th of August 2013; released under TriStar Pictures.


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