One Direction Star In Disgusting Text Claim!

One Direction Star In Disgusting Text Claim!One Direction star Harry Styles is well known for his antics with the girls, and it seems as though he started at a very early age, according to Most Haunted star Yvette Fielding.

Fielding, now 44, was speaking to Woman Magazine and revealed that Styles sent her flirtatious text messages when he was just 16. She said, “Harry was sending me disgusting texts from across the table. I can’t even repeat the words, they were so rude!”

Fielding was out for a meal with her husband, Styles and Harry’s mum when he sent the texts and when asked what they actually said Fielding refused to comment though she did say the following about the 1D star, “He’s a Romeo, he’s very romantic. When there’s a love interest, Harry will go all out to get the girl. He’s totally obsessed.”

The alleged incident was said to have happened some three years ago and Styles was unavailable to respond to the claims, but a spokesperson denied the claims made by Fielding and said, “Harry has never sent any rude or inappropriate texts to Yvette Fielding.”

So who do you think is telling the truth, Yvette Fielding or Harry Styles? We will leave that for you to decide!


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