One Direction Boys Are Turning Into Men!

rsz_one_directionWho’d have thought it, The One Direction boys are “turning into men” despite their penchant for sleeping, not going out and playing on the Xbox!

The five boys, sorry men, have been talking to Top of the Pops Magazine about how far they have come in such a short space of time since they were put together on The X-Factor in 2010. Niall said, “I mean we were all just kids … You get pushed straight in and have to grow up fast … We’ve got bigger, we’ve got stubble, we’re turning into men.”

Zayn found life particularly hard in the early days as he said, “We’ve all changed. None of us really knew each other and none of us was really prepared. I found it hard talking to people, answering questions, but then you realise everyone is in the same boat. You can’t take yourself too seriously, and you all start to relax into being who you are.”

Liam admitted the boys, sorry men, like nothing better than chilling on the tour bus and playing on the Xbox as he said, “It’s pretty hard to just ‘go out’ … A lot of the time we actually prefer sleeping on the tour bus. We park outside the venue and just stay there. We have our DVDs and Xboxes and we have a quiet bus for sleeping.”

Now call us cynical, but that sounds like behaviour of young boys, not grown up men!


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