Olympic Gold Medalist Conquered “Celebrity Ninja Warrior”

Aston Eaton that 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist crushes the test of strength and agility for a very good cause.

No- Surprise

It really is no great surprise that this 2 time Olympic Champion and decathlon world record holder at the age of 29 had absolutely no issue with jetting his way through the “Celebrity Ninja Warrior” course.

It was on Thursday, May 25th that this obstacle show actually aired on the NBC network, which featured stars such as Natalie Morales the host of the Today show, Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars, as well as actresses Erika Christensen and Mena Suvari.  “Celebrity Ninja Warrior” is of course a spin of show from American Ninja Warriors, were celebrities get a chance at showing off their very own strength and agility on an obstacle course.

Red Nose Foundation

Each of the celebrities who participated took guidance from one of the “elite Ninja” who helped in coaching them through the course.  Each of the obstacles that were completed raised a total of 5 thousand dollars for the Red Nose Foundation.  The Red Nose Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that provides many basic necessities to the children that are in impoverished countries.

The Course

The course has been designed in order to test agility, flexibility, as well as strength and it was proven to be too much for many of the stars that participated.  While, on the other hand Eaton powered through all six of the obstacles and raised a total of 30 thousand dollars.  Unfortunately, the way he sped through all of the obstacles it only made for a total of about 10 seconds of entertainment.

Many track athletes have appeared on “American Ninja Warrior” such as Hyleas Fountain, Lauryn Williams, and Dee Dee Trotter who appeared on the show in the year of 2013.  In the year of 2015 Nick Symmonds made an appearance on the show but he was not able to advance to the final rounds.


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