Olly Murs On Nicole Scherzinger – “I Definitely Want To Ask Nicole Out”

Olly-MursEver since the news became public about Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton breaking up one man has made it his mission to ask the former Pussycat Doll out on a date. That man is Olly Murs!

Speaking to the Daily Star Newspaper Olly Said, “I definitely want to ask Nicole out on a date now she’s single again. I’d love her to be in one of my videos as well. I’m always trying to get hot girls in them!”

Lewis Hamilton might have something to say about that Olly, especially as he dedicated his latest Grand Prix win to Nicole at the weekend. It looks as though Nicole may be safe from the charms of the former X-Factor contestant, for now at least, as he is never in one place long enough. He said, “My main problem at the moment is whenever I do meet a girl, we hit it off but then before I know it, I’m back on a plane. I spend two weeks away and when I come back they’ve met someone else. But all the travelling is definitely worth it, my career is going really well at the moment.”

It looks as though Olly will be single for a little longer yet then which leaves the door wide open for Lewis Hamilton to make his move and win back the affections of his former girlfriend. Never mind Olly at least you can ask Nicole to appear in your next video!


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