Octomom: This is Not Something That I Wanted To Do…I Had To Do This

Octomom: This is Not Something That I Wanted To Do…I Had To Do ThisOctomom is telling everyone that she has done everything in her power to avoid from having to go on welfare yet “becoming totally destitute” has left her with no other choices at the moment.

Currently, Nadya is going to be receiving $2,000 a month from the California tax payers. However, this money is only valid when used on food. Sources went over to her home today to check and see how things were going and the mom of fourteen says she only plans to have to use the assistance that she is receiving for two months at the most yet she is pushing for only a month.

Octomom has not been having things easy on either end because ever since the press released she would be going on welfare she has received numerous death threats.

Octomom feels as though these angry tax payers are directing their anger at the wrong people though. She says she is not one of the people who are abusing the system but there are plenty of others who are and they are the ones who should be getting the death threats not her.

Based on the pictures that have been floating around of her on the web lately, Octomom definitely needs a little help right about now.


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