Octomom Has Finally Been Able To Have A 1st Date with Her New Man

Octomom Has Finally Been Able To Have A 1st Date with Her New ManOctomom has been experiencing a lot of drastic changes throughout these past couple of months. However, she has managed to keep things going stead with her 23 year old bodybuilding boyfriend Frankie G for the past two months or so.

Not to mention the fact that additionally Octomom and Frankie have finally had the chance to go on their very first date. Obviously, this had to have taken a lot of planning on Octomom’s behalf because it cannot be easy for a mom of fourteen children to find time to be able to get away for a date. Anyways, she did it and they are said to have really enjoyed themselves and it is even pictures of the two of them floating around during their excursion.

The couple has been dating for two months according to sources yet this is the first time that they have been able to sneak away for an outing along. To Octomom’s surprise Frankie surprised her by finding a friend to watch all of her kids so they could go out and have a nice time at Will Rogers Beach located in Santa Monica.

During their stay they were seen working out together so Octomom could be ready for her strip club appearance that is scheduled to take place at The Playhouse in Florida on July 13th.


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