Nicole Scherzinger Left “Heartbroken” Over Spilt From Lewis Hamilton

nicole-scherzingerLewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger announced an end to their relationship over the weekend after being together for the last five years, but the break up has left Nicole “heartbroken” as the two celebrities now plan to go their separate ways.

Speaking to the Sun Newspaper a close friend of Nicole’s said, “Nicole is heartbroken about the split. She thought he was the one, but it didn’t work out. Yesterday Nicole had a gig in Sardinia. She is throwing herself into work to forget the pain of the break-up.”

While the news may have come as a shock to many people it is not the first time the pair have split up as they have done so at least twice before. The first time was in 2010, but they were back together just a few months later, and late last year the pair spilt only to be reunited a short time afterwards.

According to Nicole’s friend the pair actually spilt from each other about a month ago as they said, “She and Lewis broke up around a month ago and have been keeping it quiet since then. Only a few close friends and family knew and they’ve been comforting both of them. It’s so hard to keep up a relationship when they’re barely in the same country as each other. Both have supported each other in their careers and will continue to do so. But the nature of their work ultimately cost their relationship.”

Being apart from your partner for such a length of time cannot be easy, but the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger appears to have more off and ons than a busy light switch. Only time will tell if this break up is for good, but with the history between these two do not be surprised if they are back together again soon.


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