Nick Cannon: In L.A.

Nick Cannon: In LANick Cannon is obviously feeling a bit better because he was able to update his fans via Twitter last night. He stated that he was being transferred to one of the LA hospitals. He also thanked his fans for their concern, love and prayers. He closes by stating, “You know me…I will be a’ight”.

As we recently reported that Nick Cannon and his lovely wife Mariah Cary were enjoying the holidays in Aspen with their twins with Mariah Carey Twitter that Nick was dealing with mild kidney failure.

It seems as though quite a few people are quite fond on Nick Cannon. Friends and fans such as Russell Simmons and Howie Mandell have been letting him know that he is on their minds. Sharon Osbourne has even stated that his naughty, gorgeous self is going to be just fine because he is not only young but he is strong as well.

According to Dr. Bryan Becker mild kidney failure is something that occurs due to medicines such as Motrin or Advil, usually. However, he also says that Nick Cannon could be witnessing this because of dehydration. Dehydration could have occurred because of pneumonia or stomach issues that cause his fluid to decrease.

Dr. Becker states that if it is not something that occurred because of fluids Nick Cannon will recovery very quickly. However, if it is related to medicine it could take a tad bit longer for him to fully recover.


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