Nick Cannon: Hospitalized

Nick Cannon: HospitalizedMariah Carey is asking for everyone too prayer for her husband Nick Cannon who has recently been hospitalized in Aspen. Mariah Carey shared this news on her Twitter page this morning and she also showed a picture of him in the hospital bed so fans know she is for real. Mariah said that Nick has been hospitalized due to mild kidney failure but he is hanging in there the best he can to recover.

Mariah also states that last year she was the one in the hospital trying to recover after giving birth and Nick Cannon was by her side so now it is her turn to show her support to him. Mariah states that they have already tried to make her leave the hospital but she is not going anywhere. They are both trying to keep their hopes high but Nick is in a whole lot of pain.

Mariah has not revealed how long Nick is expected to stay in the hospital or the condition he is in. Also, we are unsure as to how much progress is being made if any is being made at the moment. She says that she does not like being stranded in Aspen but she is just glad that they are together.


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