New Game is Focusing on Katy Perry

Glu Mobile is known for their Kardashian game that you can play right from the comfort of your own phone, and has a few other games out there. They are fun, fast and provide the right amount of challenge with the favorite characters that everyone loves to be and play with. So with the right combination, this was what made the game.

Now the company has a new focus after many people have spoken. After seeing the half time show for the super bowl, so many more people want to know more, play more and spend more time with Katy Perry items. They are exciting to announce that this is going to be one of their best games, ever.

The New Game 

The new game is going to feature many of the fantastic things that it once featured before like bonus rounds, ways to beat the game and achievements that can be unlocked along the way. There are many challenges and it is going to prove to be fun, maybe even more fun than the Kardashian game that you can download.

So what can you expect to see within the game when you download it on your phone?

You can be the pop icon, and you can put on shows, you can browse her closet and you can meet the deadlines that you need to meet. While they are not giving out too much information about the new game, they are letting everyone know that it is going to be one of the best games of the year, and hoping to bring in new players from all over the world that love Katy Perry and want to be a part of having her play. There is nothing that could be as good as this.

So for right now, we have to wait and see what Glu Mobile has to provide us with. When the game is released, they are going to be proud of what is made and we can have a chance to check it out first hand and give our opinions on playing it and what we think about the game as a whole.


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