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One Direction’s Second Album Skyrockets To The Top
Fans don’t have to wait too long because One Direction’s sophomore album is already in the market and taking music charts by storm. In its first week, their second album, “Take Me Home” has already raked in 540,000 in sales.
One Direction Will Be Featured In Their Own 3D Film
Nothing can stop how phenomenal One Direction has become. An evidence of this super stardom is an upcoming 3D film, which will follow the band across cities and countries; making even more youngsters scream with excitement. Morgan Spurlock will reportedly
No Doubt Pulls Out New Video
No Doubt is back on the music scene, but so are the controversies. Just as they had released their new video, “Looking Hot”, on YouTube, complaints started to pop-up, mostly in reaction to the theme of the video. The video
Christina Aguilera Goes Naked on New Album
Seems like Christian Aguilera’s new single “Your Body” has something to do with her new album cover. The 31 year old singer shows off her entire body for her Lotus album cover. Christina tweeted the cover art for her album saying:
Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber got really close while singing their duet
Seems like everybody is suffering from the Bieber Fever, even Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen. Yeap, you got that right. Even Carly is not immune to the Bieber Fever. The 26 year old “Call Me Maybe” singer and Justin Bieber,