Minor Setback for Lindsay Lohan

Minor Setback for Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has just learned the hard way that staying in trouble with the cops and courts does not make things easy in the future. Currently, she is experiences major complications when it comes to getting a Canadian work permit so she can shoot a movie that she thinks will really get her career started.

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to play the role of Liz Taylor in the Lifetime movie, “Liz and Dick”, which will take place in Toronto. However, the problem comes in because Lindsay has been convicted of DUI twice and theft. Canada, for those who do not know, are not really into the idea of criminals earning cash in Canuck country yet at the same time they do like money.

Lindsay has a very complicated road ahead of her when it comes to getting the work permit she desires.
Lindsay is going to try though. She has court tomorrow with Judge Stephanie Saunter where she expects to have her DUI for the Beverly Hills DUI case probation removed. Rumors have also been circulating stating the judge is willing to change her status when it comes to the jewelry heist case to informal probation.

Lindsay Lohan is hoping that the court outcome will lead to her being able to get the work permit she wants.


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