Mila Kunis Saves Man’s Life

Mila Kunis Saves Man's LifeMila Kunis has had one heck of a week last week. On Friday she experienced having a stalker follow her to the gym, but thankfully he was arrested by the cops before causing any harm. Then, one day later, Saturday, she experienced having to save a man’s life.

The man in question is a 50 year old man who works for Mila Kunis. On Saturday he collapsed in her L.A. home and went into a very violent seizure. He was said to have been choking, coughing up blood, and even vomiting. Not to mention the fact that he had even bitten through his very own tongue.

Mila saw what was going on and boy did she come a running, while in the process having her friend call 911. One at the man’s side the actress immediately turned his head to the side in hopes to help him avoid choking and she had another person stuff a wallet in his mouth to keep him from swallowing his tongue.

Paramedics arrived, transported the man to the nearest hospital and it has been revealed that he has made a full recovery now. Mila was even kind enough to volunteer to go with the man, but she was told it was not necessary.


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