Michelle Williams Speaks Out on How She Felt After Husband’s Death


Always being a very private person when it comes to being a Hollywood celebrity especially when it came to raising her daughter who is at the age of 11, Matilda.  Michelle Williams who is the actress from Manchester by the Sea has been raising her daughter as a single parent since January of the year 2008, when Heath Ledger, Matilda’s father and Michelle’s husband passed away tragically.  Michelle has still stayed very quiet and out of the spotlights, which is exactly the way she likes it.  Michelle has finally spoken out on what her life was like during the months just following her husband’s death.

When thinking about leaving the home that they shared together, she thought that Heath would not be able to find them if they moved, how would he ever find them. 

She feels as if she got very lucky when she found the current rental building, they did not know anyone there but they made many friends.  These people include a very bestfriend right next door and even a grandpa and grandma right down the hall from her.  These friends include Rosie who will she her state that she looks tired and tells her she needs to take better care of herself than later brings her a pan of lasagna.  There is a lot of “What can I do,” as well as “What do you need.”

Being a single parent is just a bit difficult to contend with your own feelings of being a failure for not living up to those standards of being normal.  Many times you feel alienated especially when it come to school functions, everyone has a partner with them.  But she remembers that she does have a family she lives in a commune, she feels as if she has everything that you would get if you get married an amazing family within this commune.


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