Michele Dockery – AKA Lady Mary Crawley – Just Loves Being A Bitch On Screen

Lady-MaryLovers of the hit ITV1 show Downton Abbey do not have long to wait now until the show returns for a fourth series, as it is set to return to the screens at the end of September. One character in particular is really looking forward to the new series because it will see a return to the cold and calculated Ice Queen she portrayed in the first series, and that character is Michelle Dockery aka Lady Mary Crawley.

Speaking about the new series Michelle said, “Mary is a very different character to who I am and she can be incredibly mean, and I really love playing those moments when she is.”

During the fist series Mary was horrible and mean to both her sister Lady Edith and potential husband Matthew. She admitted she loved playing out those scenes by saying, “Yeah it’s awful, but I love being a bitch!”

At the beginning of the new series Mary will return to the character she portrayed in the early days as she struggles to come to terms with Matthew’s death. She said, “I’m not really a bitch, I’m very nice! But it’s those parts of ourselves that we’re afraid of that we don’t tap into as much and that’s what’s so enjoyable about being an actor.”

The fourth series is eagerly anticipated and a return to the old Lady Mary from the first series is sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats, and if you are anything like us here at Hot Gossip we can’t wait for the new series to begin!


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