Michael Lohan in Jail Again!!!

Michael Lohan in Jail Again!!!It hasn’t even been twelve hours since Michael Lohan was released from the Tampa jail, yet he has managed to end up in there again. When he was released from jail he was told that he was not to contact Kate Major – his girlfriend- again. However, Michael Lohan contacted her against the judge’s orders and now he is back in the slammer.

Kate Major reported to the police department that Michael had been calling her up multiple times and simply would not get the hint that she did not want anything to do with him. So, the police went over to Kate’s apartment and Michael happened to call while they were right there.

Based, on Michael’s behavior on the phone the officers felt that Michael was a threat and decided to go over to his hotel and surprise him. However, when officers arrive Michael had an interesting show to put on for them. Instead of complaining about chest pains this time, Michael decides to jump from his third floor balcony. Unfortunately, he did not coordinate something correct in his attempt to get away because instead of landing on the ground he fell into a tree.

The officers were successfully able to get him out the tree and take him back to jail – where he is currently at now.


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