Michael Lohan Fighting for Conservatorship Over Lindsay

lindsay-lohan-and-father-michael.pngAfter Jamie Spears‘trend, publicity hungry Michael Lohan was confirmed to have filed conservatorship for daughter Lindsay Lohan. Michael was spotted by the paparazzi on his meeting with attorney David Chon last Wednesday outside West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center. According to a source, the two talked about Lindsay, who has just been admitted in a rehab facility in Orange County after being arrested and held in prison for drunk driving.

According to Michael, his main intention is to keep her ex-wife Dina and the business manager of Lindsay, Lou Taylor from taking care of all the affairs of the actress, saying that the two are only using Lindsay for their own benefits. The public is not easily fooled, however, having been known the dark past and anger of Lindsay towards her father. Michael also seems to be anticipating that the judge won’t easily sign up Lindsay over to him but he said he already has two other options to take over his position in case the results of his application turns out negatively.

Michael seems to have got his confidence out of Britney’s dad conservatorship approval. The case between the two in entirely different, however, because Britney has been proven to be really losing her head and her dad, Jamie, is actually a mild-mannered man who never once sought for the attention of the paparazzi or asked for money from her daughter. As for Michael, why don’t you judge yourself as to what the real intentions of this man are?  


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