Mel Gibson’s Dad: Elder Abuse?

Mel Gibson's Dad: Elder Abuse?Mel Gibson’s dad filed for divorce recently, claiming that his wife was very abusive and Mel Gibson seems to be sticking by his side.

A little background.

Mel Gibson and his family have been helping 93 year old Hutton Gibson who is currently very ill. Currently, he takes a bunch of different medications to try to help his condition as well as make it less painful but his wife Teddy Joye feels as though the family is doing nothing but prolonging his death and feels that he should no longer be taking the medication. According to her she feels as though Hutton would want the medications to be discontinued as well.

Mel Gibson has now stepped up to the plate to make sure that his dad is taking his medications and feels as though Teddy Joye – who is in her 70’s – has been abusing his dad and is accusing her of elderly abuse. Teddy Joye has really pissed Mel off and he wants her out of his dad’s house pronto.

Furthermore, Hutton has filed for divorce and he even managed to gather up the strength to be able to sign the documents as well. But, Teddy Joye is planning to fight this out in court.


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