Medic Says Murray Scooped Vials of Lidocaine in Jackson’s Room

Medic Says Murray Scooped Vials of Lidocaine in Jackson’s RoomOn Thursday, prosecutors invited a 3rd witness, who exposed the frenetic efforts of the doctor that was accused of Michael’s death, to collect medication from the flooring of the room where the pop singer died when he received massive anesthetic doses through intravenous application.

Martin Blount, a paramedic confirmed in a preliminary hearing that Dr. Murray scooped up a total of 3 vials of Lidocaine, a painkiller moments after the doctor pronounced he did not give any medication to the singer.

Authorities assert Murray had given a lethal dose of profolol to Michael Jackson, as well as other sedatives. He strived to hide his actions by concealing the medicines and not informing the paramedics, including the other doctors about the drugs.

Alberto Alvarez, his bodyguard, testified that Dr. Murray asked him to put a number of vials of medication and an IV bag into separate bags before phoning 911.

If these accusations will be confirmed and testified, Dr. Murray might suffer four years behind the bars.


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