Maxwell Lue Has Arrived

Maxwell Lue Has ArrivedThe star of A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, Lindsay Sloane, has finally become a good old fashioned mommy. Lindsay Sloane and her husband, Dar Rollins, had a healthy baby girl last Thursday. This is their first child together. They seemed very happy every time they were spotted. Lindsay was seen quite a few times on the red carpet showing off her baby bump. However, the question remains what they did name her. No one has ever referred to the baby girl by a name.

Her name is Maxwell Lue. However, do not expect her to be covered in pink. When Lindsay Sloane was pressed about whether or not she would dress her baby girl up in pink she stated, “Eh. I don’t think so.” She also was asked if she had alternative color preferences. Lindsay Sloane replies stating her baby girl would wear blue if need be.

You may remember Lindsay Sloane from Horrible Bosses and her appearance in Weeds. When she first fit the screen she was playing roles in The Wonder Years. However, we do want to say congratulations to the happy couple. We are sure they will have some wonder years to look back on.


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