Marilyn Manson passes out on stage

Marilyn Manson passes out on stageApparently, Marilyn Manson ain’t dead yet as he was just suffering from an awful case of squabbling guts when he passed out while he was performing on a show in Canada.

Sources said that the rocker has been feeling really sick the entire day, suffering from flu symptoms but did not want to cancel his Canada Concert.

However, when he started performing, he also began to feel worse. He was seen vomiting on stage a lot of times before he collapsed in the middle of his song “Beautiful People”.

Manson was not taken to the hospital after his collapse but he has taken to his hotel room and got some rest.

As of now, sources say he is still feeling drained but he wants to recover fast in order for him to perform in his Calgary show.
Marilyn Manson passes out on stage


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