Mariah and Husband Confirm Pregnancy

Mariah and Husband Confirm PregnancyThere has been a lot of speculation concerning whether or not Mariah Carey is with child. Her recent weight gain had many people absolutely convinced that she was pregnant.

Well, it looks like those individuals were correct, Mariah is pregnant. However, the road has not been a smooth one. In fact, it has been downright tough.

Carey is pregnant now but she very recently experienced a miscarriage. She and her husband, Nick Cannon, spoke with the media and talked a bit about the difficulty of losing their baby.

Carey was forced to smile for the cameras and ignore speculation about whether or not she was pregnant. According to her husband she would cry her self to sleep at night. Cannon was there through thick and thin and stood strong with her throughout the ordeal. He even held her hand during the interview.

The couple has high hopes for the future and is excited about Mariah’s current pregnancy. Best of luck to the seemingly happy and in love couple! I really hope everything works out and that they have a healthy and happy baby!


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