Margot Robbie To Star In New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Movie

Margot Robbie is said to have been cast in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Female Jack Sparrow?

For this project, she has teamed up with Birds of Prey screenwriter, Christina Hodson to bring a reboot of a popular franchise.

The previous five feature films have grossed net income of $4.5 billion, including sequels.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new movie will feature a completely different storyline, with more female representation

The new project is still in its early stages at the moment, so we don’t know a lot of details about it. 

However, based on some of Robbie’s past projects, it’s sure to become a hit.

During a previous interview with Us Weekly back in 2017, the Oscar nominee said:

“I work with an amazing group of people, I love everyone at our company, and it’s not just about finding roles for me to do, it’s about finding roles for actresses in general and actors and first and second-time directors, female directors, writers.”

What About ‘Birds Of Prey’ Sequel? 

Apparently, we won’t be seeing Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn since the Birds of Prey 2 has been reported to be canceled.

According to Giant Freakin Robot site, “Warners no longer believes in the concept or in the creative team behind the movie.”

The main reason behind the cancellation is probably money. 

BOP earned a disappointing $33 million, at the box office opening, when WB hoped for $55 million domestically and it was projected to gross higher.

In the end the film made $201 million worldwide with $84 million from the domestic box office and $117 million abroad. They report it made 2.5 times its production budget which is estimated at $82 million.

So, it’s no surprise that its creative team is moving on to other projects such as ‘new Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie, if that turns out to be confirmed.


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