Madonna Wants to Work with Lil Nas X

Pop music legend Madonna spotted the ‘Old Town Road’ hitmaker in the audience of her LA gig, a stop on her ‘Madame X’ tour and decided to chat with him a little.

Future Collaboration?

The ‘Material Girl’ hitmaker also drank some of his beer and invited him to her farm to make a song about chickens.

Madonna came down into the crowd, sat beside Lil Nas X and started chatting with him.

Noticing Nas’ drink, she said: “That looks so thirst-quenching, may I have a sip. If I drink this, I’d be getting some of your backwash?” After taking a swig she said: “Kinda sharp, your backwash. Might cut my tongue.”

Madonna said she was surprised to see him at her show, all by himself. Nas responded with: “I’m in the presence of a legend, I’m just happy to be here.”

They sang a bit of his hit “Old Town Road” and talked about Madonna’s New York farm. Then the 61-year-old singer told him that she expects him to visit her there.

“I’m going to show you what to do with a horse for real. I’ll teach you how to ride, baby. And then we can make a song about chickens, because I’ve got chickens, too,” she said.

Sharing the Wisdom, Offering Advice

Madonna also asked the 20-year-old singer about his career plans.

She said: “You in here for the short distance or the long distance?”

“Long, for sure,” he replied.

She ended the convo offering up some advice for Nas, telling him: “Work hard. Earn it, baby.” And he assured her that that’s what he intends to do.

“I promise you I will,” he said.

We don’t know whether the collaboration between this two could ever come about, but we sure would like to see it happen.


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