Lorde Admits To Having Very Strange Obsession

rsz_lordeThe New Zealand singer songwriter Lorde has admitted today she has a very strange obsession, and it is not chocolate, boys or girlie things like most teenage girls would obsess over, but Instagram! Hang on don’t all teenagers hang out on social media!

Lorde, 17, has admitted she checks her Instagram account every hour, though she was quick to point out she does not agree with celebs using photoshop to improve their appearance. She said, “I’m kind of cruising Instagram every hour or so, it’s the one I check back to when I’m bored.”

As for celebs using photo-shop she posted the following message, on her Instagram account of course, in regard to a picture that was posted online. The message said, “I find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are OK (sic).”

It is good to see Lorde defending the natural look, a look that many more young girls should opt for rather than covering themselves in beauty products, though in saying that Lorde does love her purple lipstick!


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