LL Cool J Catches Home Burglar, Breaks His Nose

LL Cool J Catches Home Burglar, Breaks His NoseLL Cool J nabbed a homeless man who broke into his house on Wednesday. He confronted the burglar and detained him inside the house until the police arrived. LL discovered him in his kitchen at around 1 AM and took down the burglar in a violent physical confrontation, which broke the man’s nose and jaw.

The burglar, Jonathan Kirby, 56, had tripped on the security alarm of the house and LL Cool J went down to check what the commotion was about. LL saw Kirby who appeared “to be a homeless person,” police had said. LL was able to subdue the intruder and his daughter called the police. Kirby was then taken into custody and brought to the hospital.

LL, who plays a special agent on the CBS drama “NCIS Los Angeles”, proved that he could nab a real bad guy off-camera. During the confrontation, while Kirby suffered several blows, LL was able to come out unscathed. He only acted out of concern for his family.

Kirby has now been charged with residential burglary with a person present. This could result to his serving of a significant time in prison as an addition to the other felonies he has committed. He is now facing his third serious felony and faces a possible maximum sentence of 38 years in state prison.

His prison records show that Kirby has previously been charged with five years in prison for burglary in the 1990s. He was also sentenced to three years in prison for petty theft in 2005 and another theft conviction after that. He was discharged from prison on Feb 1 of this year. 


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