Lindsay Lohan struggling to pay rent

Lindsay Lohan struggling to pay rentLindsay Lohan’s financial problems are really getting worse as she’s battling monthly to cover for the lease on her Beverly Hills mansion.

Based on our sources, Lindsay has been trying to put her money together to cover for the $8,000 monthly rent. We were told LiLo agreed upon the rent on the home back in February, when her career was on the rise and the money appeared to be rolling in.

However based on our sources, when Lindsay’s financial situation took a turn for the worse (like when the IRS froze her bank accounts) she started doing anything she could to produce money for rent every month, frequently calling up friends for money.

Lindsay attempted to be free from the rent and move out early, but we are told the owners of the mansion told LiLo the penalty for breaking the lease was really huge.

So the 26 year old actress is trying to make it work until the lease ends in February and she is telling friends she will then search for a place in New York.


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