Lindsay Lohan Stays Optimistic Despite Bad Publicity

Lindsay Lohan Stays Optimistic Despite Bad PublicityLindsay Lohan seems to be more optimistic despite several bad press she’s getting these days. In an interview on Friday’s “Good Morning America”, she had said that she was doing well and very much looking forward o more work and to learn from her past.

She went on “GMA” to promote her upcoming TV movie on Lifetime, “Liz & Dick” where she’s playing the Hollywood superstar, Elizabeth Taylor. Lohan revealed in the interview that she was nervous who people would think of her as Liz Taylor.

Amy Robach wasn’t shy in asking Lohan questions. Robach has even told the actress that Lohan’s life was very much similar to Taylor’s and so she asked Lohan if she thought her life and career would have been different if she wasn’t scrutinize constantly. The 26-year old actress answered, “Um, obviously yes, to a certain extent. But I think that everyone goes through things in life. I like to learn from my mistakes.”

She adds that if she hasn’t done any of the things in the past, she won’t be the person she was today and that things happen for a reason whether good or bad. Whenever she had to go through things in life, she would need support from her family, specifically her mom and siblings.

A new controversy is surrounding the Lohan family right now as it was revealed this week that Michael Lohan had a daughter with another woman, Ashley Horn, now 17 years old.


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