Lindsay Lohan Settles with Car Victims

Lindsay Lohan Settles with Car VictimsLindsay Lohan has finally settled with the three men she supposedly abducted back in 2007 in Santa Monica. This is the same car chase that leads to her being arrested for driving under the influence – yes the famous DUI arrest.

Now both sides lawyers have confirmed that they have come to an agreement and the dismissal notice will be filed with the courts very soon. However, what they have settled on has not been revealed yet so be on the lookout for an update on that.

Back in 2008 the three men who Lindsay allegedly kidnapped sued her claiming that she was under the influence when she hijacked the car that they were passengers in after partying in Malibu. According to their statements Lohan then insanely drove down the road putting all of their lives in danger. Furthermore, she was going through red lights and eventually got to the police department where she received her second DUI in less than 90 days. Not to mention the fact that cocaine was also found.

When Lindsay Lohan went to court she agreed that she was guilty of being under the influence of cocaine but she pled no contest when it came to reckless driving with a blood alcohol level of over .08. However, she only spent a day in jail.

One of her victims stated that it was the worst night of his whole summer.


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