Lindsay Lohan Rekindling Old Flame?

Lindsay Lohan Rekindling Old Flame?Some pictures have gotten out of Lindsay with ex- girlfriend Samantha Ronson out together at the NY night club Le Baron. The two were seen whispering, laughing and having a good time. They left the club holding hands very openly.

The two have quite some history that led to public arguments; mainly taking to their twitter accounts to banter at each other. Lohan accused Ronson and her friends of feeding information to People magazine.

While the duo have been famously on and off for years, it seems they might be ‘on’ again.

When the two ladies began seeing each other it was very hush-hush. Lohan denied more than a friendship for over a year, with Ronson. Even after they went public Lindsay wasn’t comfortable talking about the relationship.

Some might say that with Lohan off of formal probation and turning her life around, that Sam might not be a good influence. The two were quite the pair on the party scene.

The two have always charged their love for each other when asked but have always had some drama.

We will wait to see where this goes.


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