Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Pitbull

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing PitbullLindsay Lohan seems to stay in the headlines. Recently she was called out for a hit and run. Now she is getting ready to sue Pitbull because of the way he mentioned her in his song.

Pitbull is playing the defense that since Ryan Seacrest did not sue him Lindsay Lohan shouldn’t be suing him either. He also mentioned Ryan Seacrest in the song but him and Lindsay Lohan are two totally different people.
Pitbull is just one of the people that Lindsay Lohan plans to sue. She also is going after Ne-Yo and Afrojack as well. Pitbull, however, is being sued because he name dropped her in “Give Me Everything”. However, he did not mention her in a good way. His lyric says, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”. Lindsay Lohan said by him using that phrase he caused her irreparable harm.

Pitbull filed a legal document this week in New York with his defense. He even mentions that he performed that very song on New Year’s at Seacrest’s party. Pitbull is also mentioned the First Amendment as standing grounds as well. It seems as though we will just have to wait it out and see what the judge thinks.


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