Lindsay Lohan: I’m Suing I Was Not Drinking!

Lindsay Lohan: I’m Suing I Was Not Drinking!Lindsay Lohan is super pissed at the media outlets who wrote a story stating that she was drinking at the SAG Awards after party this weekend. She is threatening to sue every last media outlet that published the story because she says it is a plain out lie.

Sources are stating that she has been exploring what legal rights/options she has with her attorneys because she feels as though the people who published the false story deserve to pay. She feels as though by them telling lies about her they are only sabotaging all of her efforts of saving her career.
Lindsay Lohan, however, does admit that she was partying at the Chateau Marmot hotel in Hollywood on Sunday night yet she claims that she was with Alan Cumming the entire time she was there and the only thing that went down her throat was water.

Also, sources are saying that Lindsay Lohan is also apparently pissed off because reports had been wrote stating that she had been making out with Dennis Hopper’s son Henry. However, while they were there she also supposedly purchased a Red Bull and some Vodka as well – according to the reports anyways.


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