Lindsay Lohan hits a person then leaves

Lindsay Lohan hits a person then leavesWe have learned that actress, Lindsay Lohan hit someone while she was driving away from a club in Hollywood and then she left the scene.

The 26 year old Parent Trap actress was in her brand new Porsche after she left the Sayers Club located in Hollywood just a little bit after midnight last September 19, Wednesday.

Sources have told us that she was on her way out of the parking lot when bystanders and paparazzi around Hookah Lounge (which was just nearby) blocked her.

The actress made contact with Hookah Lounge’s manager and then drove out of the scene.

Sources have also told us that Lindsay might have been the one who contacted the cops just so she could protect herself from paparazzi and that is the reason why they came.

People who were present at the scene said that the manager might not have experience any injury. If that is the case, then the actress will not be charged of anything. However, if he got injured, that can already be considered as a form of hit-and-run crime. In addition, it could also be the reason to break her probation in her shoplifting case (which happened when she was charged of shoplifting a $2,500 necklace).


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