Lindsay Lohan: Hit and Run?

Lindsay Lohan: Hit and Run?Even though it has been confirmed that no one was injured as a result of Lindsay Lohan’s actions, her name is still being associated with a hit and run. Also, the case has been closed, but if the person she hit decides that they’d want to file for injury compensation it will be reopened.

On Wednesday, it was said that Lindsay Lohan hit someone while she was leaving a club and she did not stop. She was seen driving her new Porsche after partying at Sayers Club in Hollywood.

The incident occurred as Lindsay was trying to escape a parking lot that was full of bystanders and paparazzi. She hit the manager of the Hookah Lounge and she sped off. The police were contacted and when they arrived they conducted interviews and were obviously pleased with the responses and left.

They have not released who called the police but rumors are floating saying that Lindsay called the police in hopes of protecting herself from the paparazzi. Also, it has been released that the manager may not have been injured. If he has not been injured Lindsay did not violate any laws but if he was she could have her probation violated.


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