Lindsay Lohan Has Really Been Doing Good!

Lindsay Lohan Has Really Been Doing Good!Judge Stephanie Sautner has given Lindsay Lohan another good review today. She actually seems proud of Lindsay Lohan herself. She has told her that “she is in the home stretch”. This has been the third court appearance that Judge Stephanie Sautner has had nothing bad to say toward Lindsay Lohan we just hope it continues.

Lindsay has been doing superb when it comes to her therapy and community service. It really seems as though she has her priorities straight now and is trying to keep her life on the right track.

Lindsay Lohan only has one more progress hearing to go to but it seems she will have no problems there. However, when it comes to her fines she still owes $3500 from the beginning balance of $3900. We wonder what is keeping her from paying the fines off or maybe she just simply forgot?

Lindsay is close to being free of court. Well, she will still have to obey the standard laws of course. However, even though this has been a big thing for her to do in the past we feel as though she is very motivated to do the right thing now.


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