Lindsay Lohan: Going To Jail…Again?

Lindsay Lohan: Going To Jail...Again?We first reported that Lindsay Lohan had pulled a hit and run a little while ago. However, just when we thought she had got away with that one an obstacle comes her way.

The man who Lindsay Lohan hit with her Porsche last week is asking her for six figures before she goes to her next probation hearing. When Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer was contacted by Thaer Kamal’s lawyer it was revealed that the alleged victim had not yet cooperated with the cops and had an interview with them. However, Shawn Holley also found out that they supposedly have a video that shows Lindsay driving the Porsche that Kamal was struck with. They even have footage of Lindsay Lohan proceeding to drive away. So far none of the other witnesses have admitted to seeing this.

The deadline for the money to be delivered was issued today. This is a major obstacle because Lindsay Lohan has court which could release her off of probation. If that tape gets into the police hands Lindsay will have violated her probation and will more than likely be sent straight to jail. However, she could just pay up the money to prevent all of this from taking place.

We must not forget that when this first started Kamal told everyone that he was okay. However, once he found out that the driver was Lindsay Lohan he started to have problems and not be okay.


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