Lindsay Lohan: Going Back In Front of the Courts Again

Lindsay Lohan: Going Back In Front of the Courts AgainLindsay Lohan is going back down a road that she thought she had put behind her one and for all. However, this time she is not going in for stealing, partying too hard, or other behaviors that she has exhibited in the past, yet her past is still coming back to haunt her.

According to our sources Lindsay Lohan is now having the case that took place in March involving the alleged hit and run sent to the prosecutors.

For those who do not know on March 14th the manager of the Hookah Lounge on Hollywood Boulevard reported that when Lindsay Lohan was leaving one of the neighboring clubs she hit him with her car and did not even stop to give him her info or even see if he was okay. However, Lindsay says that he is lying because her car has never touched one hair on his body.

One thing we can agree on is the fact that the manager seems to be a little confused about his story. But, the LAPD has still decided to send the files to the D.A. for their final say in this whole matter. Sources have revealed that after the police watched the video numerous times and went out and conducted some interviews there is not enough proof to prove Lindsay Lohan is guilty, yet the D.A. is still in charge of deciding what to do about the situation.


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