Lindsay Lohan “Fighting” Again

Lindsay Lohan "Fighting" AgainWell, the term fighting means one thing to the media and a whole different thing to us. Fighting means a physical altercation. For the dirty needs of media, fighting now means speaking up for yourself.

About two weeks ago it was rumored that Lohan got into a “fight” with a woman at Smoke and Mirrors. It seemed pretty made up, being that Lohan claims she was at home and no photos have emerged of her at the club on the night in question.

Lately one might say that Lohan has been targeted by the public to land a quick payday. Remember the bogus hit and run incident?

We say shame on Lohan for going to the club which recently caused her some trouble but kudos to her for not being shied away by others drama.

Now what happened at the club this time isn’t really a fight. Some snooty little thing couldn’t keep her mouth shut and Lohan impolitely told her to so. Snooty girl then threw her drink on Lohan. Lohan then quickly exited with her father.

Oh, yeah… her dad. When Lindsay showed up to the club, the friend who drove hit a car and Daddy was called to handle the situation. There are little details about the car incident at this moment.

While it is reported that Lohan has been sighted at clubs and music concerts, she has not been seen drinking. Her and her father spent time at the club talking but no alcohol was served. So while she is sort of following her judges advice after being let off formal probation, she is bending the rules a bit.

Nothing says she cannot go clubbing but it would be in her best interest to let Amanda Bynes takes over.


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