Lindsay Lohan Blames Stress For Her Damaged Lungs

Lindsay Lohan Blames Stress For Her Damaged LungsLindsay Lohan thinks that getting arrested and confronted is bad for her health. This is because she was telling some of her friends that the stress from her New Your City arrest aggravated her pre-existing “walking pneumonia” very severely that she had to be brought to the hospital.

Yes, the 26 year old actress was rushed to NYC’s emergency room last Sunday night due to a lung infection. Sources have told us that LiLo was brought to Mt. Sinai, where she got treatment and medication (including antibiotics) for her lung infection. She was then discharged shortly after.

So now, Lindsay is telling some of her pals that the recent arrest was the reason why she felt so stressed and caused her so much anxiety thus, aggravating the “walking pneumonia” that she said she has been experiencing in the last couple of weeks.

Yep. You got it right. Lilo is now blaming stress and anxiety for her damaged lungs. Lindsay who is known to be a chain smoker and who has finished 49 packs of cigarettes in 47 days last summer while she was staying at the Chateau Marmont. Makes sense.


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