Lindsay Lohan Announces To The World She Is Pregnant!

lindsay-lohanAstonishing as it may sound Lindsay Lohan has this morning announced to the world she is pregnant. Yes Lindsay Lohan is pregnant, or is she?

This morning at 7.35am BST a tweet appeared on the troubled stars Twitter page. It plainly read, “It’s official. Pregnant.” Lets hope the news is a late April Fools Day prank, because only last week Lohan, 26, was pictured under a table in a Brazilian nightclub looking a little worse for wear!

Already the tweet has become viral with more than 11,500 retweets in just under three hours, and the news is spreading faster than a wildfire in the Australian outback. If the news is true, and that is a big if, many Lindsay Lohan haters will question whether she is fit to be a mother.

In the last six years Lindsay Lohan has spent around 250 days in a number of different rehab centres, appeared in court no less than 21 times, been given countless hours of community service, and on top of all that she has spent time in jail as well. Not the ideal build-up to motherhood, but everyone is different. We will let you make your own minds up as to whether or not Lindsay Lohan is pregnant or not, but she can’t be, can she?


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