Lil Wayne: Cut The Crap Drake!

Lil Wayne: Cut The Crap Drake!Lil Wayne and the other members of “Young Money” have all voiced their opinions that they feel as though Drake needs to squash the madness between himself and Chris Brown because it is very bad for business.

Drake’s sources have revealed that Drake has received at least seven calls from not only Weezy, Birdman, and Mack Maine but more of the crew as well. They all are saying that he needs to let the whole nightclub incident in NYC last week just be something of the past.

Other sources are saying the reason they are so hard on Drake about the issue is because they do not want what Drake is doing to affect their relationship with Brown. Many of you already know that Chris Brown has down quite a few tracks with Young Money members and they have all been hits.

Drake has stated that he does not feel as though he should be reaching out to Chris Brown just yet because he feels as though Chris Brown feels as though it is his fault that the incident occurred last week.
Overall, Young Money is claiming to be on Drake’s side though yet they feel as though making money is what is the most important.


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