Liam Hemsworth’s Family Are Overjoyed With Their Son Being Single Again!

Liam-HemsworthNormally people are “thrilled” when couples announce an engagement or news of a new baby, but one family were overjoyed at the news of their sons break up, and that family belongs to Liam Hemsworth.

Last month Liam Hemsworth ended his relationship with Miley Cyrus and ever since his family have been giving him their full support. A source revealed all to Hollywood Life saying, “This is the happiest they’ve seen Liam in a long time and they are supporting the break up now that he has completely cut ties with his 20-year-old ex-fiancée.”

The family tried to get Liam to leave Miley earlier this year, but to no avail, but now they have finally got their wish. Liam seems to have moved on from Miley very quickly as he was seen in Ainsworth Park in New York on Sunday evening. A source said, “Liam was flirting with two girls the entire time. He was having a great time, laughing and drinking. He looked happier than ever and it’s clear he’s totally loving being single.”

By the looks of things Liam Hemsworth has had a lucky escape and ended his relationship with Miley Cyrus at just the right time, after all shouldn’t all 23 year old men be out enjoying themselves!


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