Lauren Scruggs: UPDATE

Lauren Scruggs: UPDATEThe beautiful model, Lauren Scruggs, who suffered an airplane propeller injury that took an eye and a hand, had openly rejected a 200K settlement.

Some news articles claim that Scruggs has reached a deal with the airplane’s insurance company for an “undisclosed amount” and it is further assumed that the deal struck was far more than the original 200K.

However, we have the real scoop on the situation as ABC News reports that the only movement in the case at this time is the following:

“Attorneys for Ms. Scruggs wish to clarify that she neither accepted nor rejected the insurance company’s offer. Instead, during ongoing negotiations, Ms. Scruggs filed a declaratory judgment action in Dallas County seeking interpretation of the insurance policy by the court.”

This movement comes from the insurance carriers’ policy based on “passenger injury payout” and the discrepancy that Scruggs argues she was not a passenger at the time of the accident and should receive more than the 200K allowed by the two separate policies (totaling 200K) that the aircraft holds.

So it is a solid 200K based on the ‘limit’ or more, contingent on a judge’s ruling of what “passenger” restricts to and if it applies to Ms. Scruggs.


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