Lauren Scruggs: Recovering Nicely

Lauren Scruggs: Recovering NicelyThe first photos of Lauren Scruggs appeared today on Good Morning America. The photos show that she is still looking great.

For those of you who do not know Lauren Scruggs is the model that walked into an airplane propeller after sightseeing the Christmas Lights throughout Dallas six weeks ago. She meet with her mother, father, and twin sister Tuesday in the outdoor area of Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation located in Dallas, Texas and she was smiling, laughing, and joking according to sources. This has been the first time that the media has been able to see her since the accident. Tuesday Lauren was spotted wearing an baseball cap and workout attire. The only thing that indicated that she had been injured was her empty jacket sleeve and the eye patch.

Lauren’s mom Cheryl Scruggs says that the family’s faith is what helped her recover remarkably even though it is hard to listen to Lauren’s tears. Currently, there is a Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund available to those who would be interested in contributing to Lauren Scruggs recovery.

This story seems as though it will have a happy ending. Sources say that Lauren Scruggs, 23, seemed to have a great time on Tuesday.


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