Lauren Scruggs: 200k Is Not Enough

Lauren Scruggs: 200k Is Not EnoughLauren Scruggs – the model who had the tragic airplane propeller accident in 2011 that caused her to lose and eyeball and a hand – has turned down a $200k settlement from the plane insurances company. Lauren Scruggs was offended by the offer that they made her and she is suing them for more than what they offered.

Sources in Dallas, Texas have informed us that Lauren Scruggs filed some documents stating that the insurance company verbally offered her $200k claiming that this was the max amount that a passenger could be awarded.
Lauren Scruggs is not trying to hear this though because she feels that once she stepped off of the plane she was no longer considered to be a passenger. Furthermore, she feels that she was not in the process of getting on or off of the aircraft when the incident took place.

The 23 year old formal model is arguing that she was off of the aircraft and physically standing on the tarmac when the accident happened. She also goes on to state that she was in no contact with the aircraft until she was struck by the propeller.

She is suing for unspecified damages – but it is safe to say that she is expecting to receive more than $200k.


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