Lady Gaga Treats Boyfriend Taylor Kinney To Birthday Gift Worth £37,000 – It’s A Bag!

Lady-GagaBuying birthday presents for the love of your life is an enjoyable experience, but deciding what to buy can sometimes be quite stressful. Also deciding how much to spend can be quite troublesome too, especially as the world is in the depths of recession right now. Not if your names Lady Gaga it isn’t though, as she has forked out a whopping £37,000 on a backpack for her boyfriend Taylor Kinney!

Singer Lady Gaga has been dating Kinney for nearly two years now and the Chicago Fire actor will be celebrating his 32nd birthday later this month. A source close to the couple revealed that Kinney takes his birthday “really seriously”. They also said, “Gaga knows Taylor takes his birthday really seriously, but it’s always difficult for her to get him something because he doesn’t like fast cars, big houses or smart suits.”

They went on to say, “Taylor loves his backpacks so she wanted to get him a real one-of-a-kind – only 12 have been made. She’s also arranged for a jet to fly them to Chicago so he can see his family.”

The £37,000 bag is believed to be made of crocodile skin and has been made and designed by the English Artist Damien Hirst. The bag also has gold plated brass feet to rest it on and it has also been signed by Hirst himself.

£37,000 for a bag! Really! You could make a huge difference to a third world country with that kind of money, but what’s £37,000 to somebody like Lady Gaga. Oh how the other half live.


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