Lady Gaga Rocks String of Mesmerising Outfits on Joanne World Tour

Lady Gaga, a pop phenomenon, has built her career on out-there showmanship bordering on performance art.

She has just last week kicked off her Joanne World Tour, and she never seize to amaze us with her dedication not only to singing but to the artistic look of every detail.

The Tour

Calling her fans Little Monsters and herself Mother Monster, she is one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter and YouTube and always treats her monsters with the utmost respect.

The production of her shows is always jaw-dropping and she raises the bar a little bit higher with every performance. Besides her impeccable singing and intricate choreographies, she always brings something new.  On her fifth tour not only did she come up with the complex, ingenious design of the stage and pyrotechnics but she also stunted the audience with her outfits.

Gaga’s Outfits

She gave it a very serious thought, from the hairstyle to an ostentatious outfit for every block of songs.  From leather to feathers and crystals, her outfits were a serious talking point. She gave Beyoncé, who changed nine times on the opening night on her Formation tour, a run for her money.

There were no meat dresses, armadillo Alexander McQueen shoes or seashell bikinis this time. Instead, she chose to wear a mix of Western-inspired bodysuits that pay homage to her outfits in music videos “Million Reasons” and “Perfect Illusion”. She hit the stage with a ten-gallon pink hat and a pair of spurs and then she wore floor-length red gown that trailed far beneath the stage and later transformed into a shouldered red bodysuit. “Bad Romance” saw her go out in white crystalized one-shoulder-bodysuit while “Born This Way” called for a white ball gown skirt.

She even wore a super distressed Lanotta Studio fringe blazer covered in song titles and a blue long-sleeved jumpsuit covered in pearls. Magazines report that between all the costume changes and props, she used 550,000Swarovski crystals. Her outfits included a crystal-encrusted bodysuit, a custom made black Alexander Wang fringe leather suit, red Norma Kamali sleeping bag-style coat and a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti ankle boots with a crystal strap.

We can only admire her for managing to find the time to pull each one off. Way to go Gaga!


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